How to Write a Catchy Hook


Do you know the secret to a song that gets stuck in people’s heads? The secret really lies in the hook – or the chorus. The chorus is always that part of the song that you remember even when you don’t remember the title. As such, you have to focus on creating a catchy chorus if you want the type of song that people can’t stop on singing.

In order to write a great, catchy hook, first acquaint yourself with the basics of song writing. There is a song structure, the lyrics, chord progressions and melodies. Songs don’t necessarily have to follow real specific structure, but catchy songs often follow the most common structures, so it pays to know them. In terms of lyrics, you probably realize that simple lyrics have are key in becoming memorable parts.

Of course, to have a really addictive song, you need certain chord progressions. Your hook must repetitive but fun to say – so that there’s a balance. Upbeat melodies are generally catchy but sometimes even haunting melodies cannot escape our minds, as well. The last element to which you have to focus on, is the production quality of the song.

But as we are more interested in writing catchy hooks, the aforementioned points can’t be stressed enough. So, simply keep your lyrics simple. Keep it concise and bubbly, while at the same time effectively conveying emotions. In order to get people hooked to your song’s hook, you can repeat the title or alternatives of the title two to three times in a row.

The hook must also summarize exactly what the song’s about. In limited words or single sentence, it must be able to explain the entire concept. Lastly, to get your audience addicted to your song, invite them to participate in your song. One of the key ingredients of a hit song is the participation of the audience – a catchy hook elicits them to join in & sing along, amplifying the emotions generated by the song.