Writing Tomorrow Volume 2 Issue 4, April 2014

Welcome to the April 2014 issue of Writing Tomorrow, introducing emerging and established talent. This issue features award winning writer-director Radha Bharadwaj (Closet Land; Basil); the poetry of Angel Zapata, (recipient of the Mariner Award for flash fiction) and the talent of Jaclyn Bergamino, Linda Michel-Cassidy, Nicholas Kriefall, Dina Greenberg, and Edmund Sandoval.

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Table of Contents


Radha Bharadwaj, The Master

Edmund Sandoval, Visit

Dina Greenberg, Towheaded Boy

Linda Michel-Cassidy, Like Any Other Day


Jaclyn Bergamion,   Kanchanaburi

                              The Decomposition of Eden


Angel Zapata,  Prayers From Crooked Spines

                         The Anonymous Dead

                         Mission Aborted

Nicholas Kriefall, The Flood

                             What the Farmer's Buried