Writing Tomorrow Volume 2 Issue 6, August 2014

Welcome to the August 2014 issue of Writing Tomorrow. This issue features the debut fiction of Marc Olivere, the poetry of Gerard Sarnat and Jeffrey P. Beck, and works by Laurie Jean Schneider, Ruth Gila Berger, Shane Joaquin Jimenez, and Khanh Ha.

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Table of Contents


Khanh Ha, The Sandpiper's Tracks

Shane Joaquin Jimenez, Summer of the Apes

Laura Jean Schneider, Miss Lamaze

Marc Olivere, Pollo! Pollo!


Jeffrey P. Beck,   Bicentennial

                          Leaf Bed


Gerard Sarnat,  Persistence of Truck Farm Conversation


                            Honks To Crusader Rabbit And Buffalo Bob

Creative Nonfiction

Ruth Gila Berger, Untitled. March-July 2006