writing styles techniques

writing styles techniques

Writing Techniques That Makes Stories Lively

They say that anyone can write. In a sense, that is true, but not anyone can write really good stories or poems or articles. Surely, you can take a moment in your life where you are able to read a story that’s able to truly engage you and make it completely real to you. It felt all real to you – the world, the characters, everything that goes on in the story – through the writing techniques used by the writer.

There are many writing techniques that can be used in writing and can make your words lively. Every writer probably has their very own writing techniques, but there are some that are commonly used. The advantage of using different writing techniques is that it gives different angles to the story. Depending on the writing technique used, the same words can give you different sounds and sensations, which effectively draw you in the story’s world.

For this reason, writers use different writing techniques, making the reading experience a whole lot better than just bland words, lacking emotion or depth. There are many possible ways in which writers can use the language in order to affect their readers. And this can be intellectually, emotionally or imaginatively – meaning, they can make suggestions or convey ideas to the reader. When using an imaginative writing style, you’re immersing the reader, to such an extent, that the reader becomes the story – and vice versa..

When writing is emotional, the writer tries to create a stir within you, whether it is pity, fear, anger, excitement, etc. These different writing techniques are important, as it makes reading a book more exciting and engaging – to the point where the reader becomes so addicted to the reading experience that s/he is compelled to read it over and over again! At first, it’s best to use the most basic straightforward writing style, to engage the reader. Then, you can gradually experiment and explore with different ways to express an idea – do this enough times and you will eventually arrive at your very own style.